Air & Screen

Our Air & Screen machine is a great combination for any forecourt.

An increasing number of customers who had Air units dispensing free water, have either started charging for the water or upgraded their old unit to the new AIR-serv “Tallboy” DA11 Air & Screen wash machine. As most modern cars use coolant in their radiators the need for water is reducing. By offering Screen wash as an alternative, site operators benefit from increased revenues.

Drivers primarily use an Air machine through necessity as a distress purchase, whilst screen wash is something that is required continually throughout the year.

The typical cost is £2.00 for up to 5 litres. Our screen wash offer is typically less costs to the end user than most convenience shops.

Our experience to date is that screen wash sales from our machines do not impact the pre-packaged screen wash sales, so this product is an incremental business opportunity. In addition, screen wash purchased from the AIR-serv Air machine is an environmentally friendly way of acquiring it for customers who want to reduce their plastic waste.

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